Lea Lewis

Artist Bio

Lea Lewis is a self-taught artist living and working in South Florida. Although Lea has always been artistically inclined, she didn’t start painting until 7 years ago, initially, as a coping mechanism to quell depression and anxiety.  It has quickly become a return to her truest form – a passion that was waiting to be rediscovered.

She has worked over the years to hone her skills and develop a growing portfolio of fine art acrylic and mixed media paintings, handmade jewelry, and textiles.

In Her Words

I hope to celebrate the intense emotions encountered as a part of the female form and experience – be it confidence and fear, power and vulnerability, rage, beauty, conflict or peace within.  My art also aims to capture the vibrance of her upbringing with the use of bright colors, bold patterns and prints.

Lea is passionate about the business of Art.  With the establishment of her own startup, she plans to play her part in sharing the beauty and profitability of art with others.