Kim Frimel

Artist Bio

Fort Lauderdale-based fine artist, Kim Frimel was board and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating with a B.A. in Drawing/Fine Arts from Cleveland State University, she worked for many years as a graphic artist with experience in package and graphic design, e-commerce and SEO marketing.

Her paintings vary in subject matter and her current focus has been on her own spiritual journey. After relocating to the South Florida area, Frimel began exploring her stylistic drawings with expressive painting techniques as well as organic, unconventional framing methods. She celebrates the absence of color, and the beauty in rich values of ink, charcoal and mixed media.

In Her Words

I feel my pieces are a combination of expressive and emotional arrangements. I bring life to my subject matter with an expressionistic twist of the simple combinations of black, greys and whites, only sometimes hinting at a single-color use in a piece. The splattered, textured backgrounds set the tone and give the subject a dramatic and intense environment. The textured or ink splotched paper or canvas is usually created in stages, normally with a lapse of time in between. The forms, textures or shapes that emerge then tell me the story of what will come next.