Gerard Delaney

Gerard Delaney Gerard Delaney


With my background in advertising and graphic design, I have a special appreciation for the characteristics of typography and its role in visual communication. As such, the use of text has become an important part of my recent work. In our day-to-day life we are constantly exposed to many uses of text as a communication tool, and what I set out to achieve here is to apply similar logic and incorporate it in my artistic expression. I also think my love for pop, postmodernism and the graphic arts comes across loud and clear in this body of work.

My ideas in this body of work came from many sources. Some inspiration came naturally in things I experience in everyday life and motivate me to explore what I can do to put my spin on them. Others stemmed from jotting down ideas or making lists in my sketchbook, then expanding on them. As I write, certain imagery comes to mind, and then I explore further until the concept sits well with me. Once I can see a potential work in my mind, I know I’m ready to create it.

Mixing acrylics, image transfer & collage, my process is multi-layered and incorporates various techniques that come together in the final work. At the end of the day, there is a certain feeling I want each work to possess, and I use various combinations of materials and techniques to achieve this goal. I like to have my work convey a somewhat gritty or weathered look, rather than being more polished. Being my concepts can be very “clean” in nature, I feel this contrast of technique gives my work personality.

Most times, I like to be clever, coy or ironic with my work. I love it when people view my art and it makes them stop and think, look at something in a new way, or maybe just smile.