Susan Clifton

Susan Clifton -I am OK


I am a painter of thoughts and feelings. In my series called “Grey Matter” the figure is composed of thoughts and or feelings on a particular subject. I pull from my own life but the subject rings true for all individuals looking to live a more positive life, to think positive and discard negative thoughts and attitudes. My wish is to inspire people to live their best life, to embrace gratitude, live a happy life and hopefully change the way they think.

My process has evolved over the last 2 to 3 years to include custom printed fabrics painstakingly positioned to bring my figures to life. The fabric is printed with the thoughts and is applied in a mosaic pattern. I’ve touched on such subjects as grief, letting go, worthiness, and joyfulness. But not all subjects are so deep. I’ve included the racing thoughts of a ballerina taking her bow on her first solo appearance and some cheeky thoughts on gossiping. We should never take ourselves too seriously.

I incorporate my history into these paintings, not only in the thoughts but through the type itself. My mother was a typesetter, and I spent many a time with her at the office sitting at a typesetting machine. I went on to have a career in Graphic Design and Advertising…working with type. So it is that I now embrace my past by using type as a medium.

To truly appreciate my artwork you need to see it in-person, up close. It is an interactive experience, the painting speaks to you and you lean in to listen.