Lori Arbel

Artist Bio

Lori Arbel is a Florida-based mixed media artist and teacher. She is an advocate for art as a tool for positive mental health. Her belief is that art used as a tool for self-expression can create positive shifts that can ripple out into society.

Graduating with a BFA in photography & BS/MS degree in Art Education, Arbel has always had a passion and connection for learning & teaching. Her passion has led her to teach in NYC and Broward County public and private schools, along with community spaces, for the past 18 years.  Her classes and workshops offer positive and energetic perspectives while bringing awareness of art into daily life.

In Her Words

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawing and photographing people, nature, angles and patterns, and I’ve been creating colorful mixed-media art with ordinary objects. I’ve never really wanted to do anything else.

I’ve devoted my life to creating art that’s distinctive and life-affirming, leading us to discover more about who we are, and who we can be. I want my art to take viewers on their own journey of self-discovery. For me, the most important thing has always been the journey – and the learning and growing that takes place within it – rather than the destination.