Katarina Vicenova

Artist Bio

Katarina Vicenova is a Slovakian-born figurative portrait artist specializing in oil and acrylic. She spends much of her time living and working in Miami, Florida. Vicenova received her Master’s in art education at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia, and continually elevates her skills and knowledge by studying with living masters all around the world.

Vicenova works in Realism.  It is her strong belief that Realism is the ideal method for communicating our perspective of the beauty, thoughts, feelings and ideas that we have about ourselves and the world around us.

In Her Words

Many of my paintings tend to start in the form of a “daydream” based on something I may have read, seen and/or heard. If the “dream” continues to consume my thoughts and is able to retain my emotional and mental attention, then I work towards turning the vision into a concept that eventually becomes a concrete idea that I bring into reality in the form of a painting.

This very personal and intimate process of mine almost always involves catching a glimpse of feelings. As these feelings begin to resonate within me, images start to appear in my mind around which stories begin to form representing those feelings.