David Plath

Artist Bio

Self-taught photographer David Plath was born in Chicago and spent many years among the skyscrapers and architecture of the Second City. Trading concrete and glass for trees and topography, Plath has since lived in Oregon, New York state, and now South Florida, experiencing both the natural and man-made worlds in their grandest and most complex.

Plath is active in Broward County and served as a co-chair for Leadership Broward’s 2016 Culture Arts & Recreation Day. He has managed the Art to End AIDS Mural Project and curated BAM! POW! ART! for ArtServe. He has also judged the Miami Herald Silver Knight awards for the Arts.

In His Words

My earliest photographic influences were André Kertész and Stephen Deutch, whose subjects drew the audience in and immediately told a story, a story that I subconsciously wanted to explore through my own art.

My goal through the Lamentations on Limitations series is to awaken the human spirit by focusing on challenges we face daily that hold us back from attaining our true and greater self. Whether through the labels placed on us by society or our addiction to a universal connectivity that eliminated true human interaction, I want to spark a return to a deeper connection to the divine within.