About CPAC

CPAC is a service organization for artists and arts and culture organizations in the Greater Cleveland area. The organization focuses its efforts on assisting elected officials to design arts- and culture-friendly public policy; conducting research about and for the arts and culture sector; and providing services that strengthen and advance the sector’s ability to carry out their work. As an example, CPAC actively assists artists with issues related to business training, networking, business services, accessing healthcare and finding affordable space. For more information, contact the organization at 216.575.0331 or visit online at www.cpacbiz.org.

About COSE

COSE is a small business association serving the needs of the business community throughout Greater Cleveland. With approximately 16,000 members, the organization is one of the largest and most well-reputed small business associations in the country. COSE recently launched the COSE Arts Network, a division designed to address the specific needs of arts-oriented businesses and nonprofits. For more information, contact the organization at 216.592.2472 or visit online at www.cosearts.org.

Megan L. Van Voorhis
Senior Director
Community Partnership for Arts and Culture, (CPAC)
1900 Superior Avenue, Suite 130
Cleveland, OH 44114
p. 216.575.0331
f. 216.575.0332