Yeshiva Lex



It’s all about love. We make music because we have a calling from something bigger that compels us to grab our instruments and play, sing, write, and then share what we do with the world. Music connects us to something greater than who we are in the flesh, it’s a force that feeds us and makes us feel, not only whole, but one with all that is.

So you could say that for us music is a feeling of oneness within ourselves, with each other, and with everything and everyone around us when we create it… and it could be in our living room, playing for one person, or for many people. The essence is always the same, the purpose is always the same: to connect each being to a message, and to that something greater than us that moves us to do what we do. It sounds like Americana Blues right now, since it is second nature to us. Tomorrow it might sound different, we don’t know. What we do know is that if people feel good and carry a smile when they walk out of our concerts or listen to our album, then our job is done!