Ruth Sharton



Ruth ShartonThe Deeper paintings are meditations on consciousness and contemplate the intrinsic spiritual and energetic connection between the physical matter of our visible world, and the non-visible metaphysical realm.

The images also reference duality and paradox, and the revelation of the beauty and harmony inherent in opposing and seemingly contradictory forces.

The medium is acrylic on canvas, board, and paper. My painting technique, rooted in abstraction, is intuitive with spontaneity of gesture; and may also be combined with principles of classical representation and painterly brushwork. Paint is poured, dripped, splattered and brushed onto the painting surface. Alternating between transparent washes of color in some areas, and a heavily textured buildup of paint in others, along with an above/below dichotomy and contrasting allusions to earth, water, sky and cosmos, my intent is to envelop the viewer in a palpable, unifying energy conducive to contemplation.