Robert Grauer


Robert Grauer has been creating images from behind the lens since childhood. At the age of eleven, he was already photographing with a 35mm camera, wwweloping film and printing in the basement darkroom of his Brooklyn, New York home. In his early years he worked almost exclusively in black and white. Moving to South Florida in 1991, Robert was inspired by the incredible beauty of the regions skies which feature prominently his photography. Despite a career as a videographer and video editor, Robert never lost his passion for fine art photography. In 2009, he began exhibiting his work and has since won numerous awards, including first place in exhibits at the Coral Springs Museum of Art and Loxahatchee Nation Wildlife Refuge. He has been the Vice President of the Coral Springs Artist Guild since 2011 and maintains memberships in the Delray Art League and the Lake Work Art League.

“It was not until the advent of digital photography that my artistic vision truly emerged. Digital Imaging freed me from the limitations working with film presented. The finished photograph he imagined in his mind can now become a reality in print.”