Adam Collier Noel


Early in his studies and career in Indiana Adam Collier Noel worked to combine diverse materials and techniques with various photographic processes. His recent relocation from the Midwest to Fort Lauderdale is the impetus for an ongoing series of artwork with a personal narrative of self-discovery. The subsequent body of work serves as an enigmatic visual diary of artistic wwwelopment that speaks to the power of transformation through translocation. And in an age when individuals are constantly barraged with immeasurable amounts of new imagery, Adam creates art using historical photographs that have been forgotten, lost or disregarded, assembling an ambiguous, yet familiar collection of images traversing universal cultural themes such as nature, science, history and the physical form.

“Much of my work is about optics, ways of seeing, and the grand tradition of photography. Through the appropriation and repurposing of found images I give them a new life and a new narrative. Though not be the photographer of these relics, through my artistic interpretation I am their curator.”