Mary Pohlmann


“Once Upon A Time, The Brothers Grimm went to Art Therapy…” captures the theme of Mary Pohlmann’s quirky, introspective drawings which deal with the messier bits of life, giving a voice to emotions society often prefers we keep hidden. Her snarky, spunky heroines realize they are not going to be rescued, the carriage turned back to a pumpkin form, “happily ever after” never materialized, and we often are expected to act like The Beauty when we feel like The Beast.

Using pop-psychology, fairytales, myths, quotes and typography, Mary’s whimsical works cover broken hearts, getting older, impermanence and the urge to no longer please or play nice. Her collection of allegorical self-portraits showcase ladies who’ve learned to maneuver through a kingdom filled with dangerous, un-kissable frogs with a degree of annoyance but a big dose of humor.