Tate Earle

Tate Earle started playing music when he was seven years old. He took up the guitar and started writing songs when he was eleven. He studied jazz and classical music at Bennington College, graduating with honors, while leading a funk band as a side project. He also studied sound recording, and has produced six albums of original work. His lyrics delve into social issues and celebratory themes, backing up relevant considerations with strong funk, reggae, and blues. He lives with his family in Hollywood, Florida, where he works as both a solo and collaborative artist.

Artist Statement
My musical sound is inspired primarily by the artists of the baby boomer era, with lyrics that delve into the wonderful and trying struggles we all face on a daily basis. Song writing is an amazingly complex and limitless art form, and my approach is a constantly evolving process. Music comes to me more easily than lyrics, but eventually concepts take shape and turn into songs. My output has become less metaphorical over time, and I prefer imagery that can tell a story and draw a picture for the listener. Many of these stories address social issues. The song “Big Truck” is about our fast-paced capitalistic society. “Toil For Naught” deals with the conflict between holding an unfulfilling job and the inward journey to happiness. Some of my songs are based on personal experience, and I hope to connect that to something relatable—something universal, as most transformative experiences are.