Isabel Perez Salazar


Isabel Perez Salazar was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She has Venezuelan and Italian nationality. On 1994 she majored in Fine Arts at the Cristobal Rojas school of Visual Arts. Perez received a scholarship in drawing I and II at the Federico Brandt Art Institute. She completed studies in stained glass, wood carving, molds, resin and photography.

Perez Salazar is a home based fine art and visual artist with a solid trajectory of more than twenty years in international and national exhibits, including art juried competitions .Florida has expanded her creative horizons. The seemingly passive, extensive, serene views of the flat expanse and swamps, water that flows patiently, wild life that shares spaces with human activity and progress, fertile fields, conservancy efforts that respect natural spaces, are inputs that have deeply impacted her and have become an inspiration of her work.

Among many of her achievements, Perez Salazar received Best in Show at the Coral Springs Artist Guild Open Juried Exhibit ;Best in show in Art Florida Competition 2012;First place in the sculpture competition at the Ateneo de el Hatillo in Venezuela. She also won Best in Show at the Broward Art Guild 59th and 61st anniversaries .Perez Salazar was selected best in show in the Sawgrass Mills Gator Glam Project presented by Billie Swamp Safari and the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood.

In 2012 Perez exhibit “Mixing Nature” a set of works at the Coral Springs Museum of Art. On 2011 she had a solo exhibit “Between two Lands” at the Lee Wagener Gallery in the International Airport of Fort Lauderdale. She has a permanent work at the City Hall of Fort Lauderdale, which was exhibited in celebration of its 100 anniversary and some of her works are in Museum and Individual collections.

Isabel Perez Salazar was the artist selected at the Signature Artist Competition at the Coral Springs Festival of the Arts 2013 and a faculty professor at the Coral Springs Museum of Art.