Debra Kaszovitz

Art Statement

Debra KaszovitzMy work is about loss and recovery. This concept was first introduced to me by my father relating his experiences as a Holocaust survivor, and later when my own children suffered severe medical crises and then recovered after extensive rehabilitation. I make wall sculptures from cast paper, encaustic paint, and my own photographs. I work from discarded and damaged objects I find to make new, healed shapes on which I paint with encaustics. The multi panel works often embody aspects of disintegration and regeneration, emphasized by allowing unpredictable processes such as fire, rust, and water to have their way. Images of endangered nature, destroyed architecture, and lost personal items are embedded within the wax paint where they may transcend loss and time.

Recent work focuses on “garbage birds” from trash dumps. There is beauty in these common birds and survival traits that attract me. They are characters in my work that steal items both prosaic and metaphoric, such as a child’s toy, time, or even a house.  The loss of childhood and material possessions is something we all can come to terms with. However, the recovery of a sense of wonder is something worth striving for.

Debra Kaszovitz