Terre Rybovich

Terre Rybovich
Terre Rybovich


Here’s what I do when I draw: I start by blackening the paper with charcoal. Then I lie down naked on it, leaving an imprint of my body. The imprint is what defines the drawing – not me. I say I collaborate with chance, but I’m the one doing all the work. It’s a long process before I let go of a drawing.

The imprint of my body defines the “text” or symbols as well. I merely transcribe what my body gives me. The message is elusive. It’s what the viewer makes it out to be.

My career as artist comes on the heels of a long career as activist. Those decades forged a deep commitment to this world; it remains at the core of my consciousness.

It’s the transformative potential of art that drives my pursuit. The world we live in could use some transformation.