Jen Toplak

Jen Toplak
Jen Toplak Jen Toplak


My paintings strive to portray the relationship between man and nature. I seek to herald the word that the natural world is threatened both directly by human abuse and indirectly by overpopulation. I want my work to make an emotional impact on the viewer as to the beauty of nature while also emphasizing the awareness of environmental issues.

My message is based on the fact that the planet is under a serious threat. The human population has increased to a point, which generates severe degradation of the land, air and seas, depletion of natural resources, accumulation of wastes, pollution of all kinds, climate changes and destruction of biodiversity. Our presence is disabling the planet like a disease and places our own species in jeopardy.

I seek to inspire the viewer with a LOVE of NATURE, a closer relationship with the natural environment and to create instinctive behaviors that will sustain a healthy world. As Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the Change You Want to See in the World”. My purpose is to teach through art and to set an example by the way I live.