Liora G. Davis

Liora Davis


Liora Davis

“Using only the finest watercolors on ‘Arches’ cold pressed mould-made rag paper, I often augment with collage, india ink and pastel. The first stroke of the brush on the paper often inspires the next. The magic of watercolor as it flows and bursts into magical shapes helps to birth it’s own creation. I love to play with venturing in and out of reality in subject, changing focus and viewpoint. Expressive use of color, while abstracting and simplifying shapes are used to create an altered reality.

My works are the reflections of inner and outer journeys to magical places. On the mundane level, I love to document my travels. Living in France and a glorious summer spent painting in the enchanted city of Prague, have had a profound effect. Each piece captures a unique and fleeting moment in time, expressing emotion with personal vision. My goal is to transport the viewer to a place of beauty, harmony, and awareness of the present moment, regardless of the subject (or not) that I paint. Interwoven in the art I create, and all I do, is my love of this magnificent planet and all of her creatures.”