Bonnie Orbach

Bonnie Orbach
Bonnie Orbach


”Time is a measure of change.” Aristotle

The passing of time is a universal and common concern. The changes that come with time affect each of our psyches differently. This is known as Psychological time. It is the most primitive aspect of time and it depicts the way each of us, as individuals, perceives or senses time.

I became acutely attuned to how quickly things change in time when I first started painting en plein aire. I attacked the canvas in a hopeless frenzy and a desperate attempt to record every image before they dissolved into the darkness of the night. My frustration and emotional turmoil with the unpredictable conditions and the fleeting moments that make a day find expression in paintings that are emotionally charged with swirling, frenzied and rhythmic brushstrokes.

My attempts to capture a literal landscape were lost in the fog of transforming the experience onto a canvas. Eventually, my objective is to capture the agitation that passing time imposes on me. Finally, each painting represents a moment of shifting time.