Olga Dziembowska

Olga Dziembowska Olga Dziembowska
Olga Dziembowska


The artistic journey started when I was only three years of age when I remember drawing with my father. The challenge of creating and making someone happy through my work is what inspires me the most. Life is too short to have white walls. I’m best suited at the sight of rain, the sound of music and a very large piece of canvas or the blank wall.

A theme that often seems to creep into my work is the presence of animals. This is perhaps not coincidental as I place a high value on animals and also do fear the disruptions that human presence has on our world and nature.

I often paint very naturalistic and very detailed. I am highly inspired by the light and how it affects what we are seeing. My artworks can be very diverse, and can range from paintings in oil or acrylic paints to mixed media and sculpting.