Liliana Gerardi

Liliana Girardi Liliana Girardi
Liliana Girardi


I am deeply committed to the work of engraving and printmaking; especially Xylography and I refuse to see this discipline disappear.

My artwork ranges from symbolic to abstract. I am inspired by primitive art, aborigine, as well as art with spiritual significance like that of Klee or Kandinsky.

I prefer engraving to painting. I work intuitively without previous sketches, the line, the wood grain, or the texture of the paper overtakes me. I like curved lines, free as flowing water, the circle is the generator of energy, and it is best if red…

Red, Black, White… these are enough.

I love to feel the pleasure of cutting, that incision that turns the wood into something else, plastic into a matrix, a matrix that reproduces and communicates the life that is expressed through art.