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Alan Isely Alan Isely
Alan Isely


Photographers 150 years ago used processes that printed or transferred images onto metal, glass, and paper. Today by combining digital technology with the latest ink jet printers, images can be printed or transferred directly onto aluminum, copper, and other metals. Unlike traditional photography on printed-paper, the resulting images possess a shimmering iridescent liquid glow.

In my present images of flora and fauna, I am drawn to minimalist and abstract subjects that show interplay of light and shadow. This contrast helps reveal their shape, form and texture. With digital imaging software I can selectively control and create dramatic color and bold tonalities. This combination brings my vision to life. Final output onto aluminum at life size or larger than life size, allows these images to take on an intense depth, luster, and even mystery. The resulting almost fluid images reflect my imagination, emotion, and intuitive feeling about the subject.