Susan Clifton


In the last few years I have been growing in a new direction. I’m exploring the use of fractal shapes in the form of fabric mosaics. I use custom printed fabrics painstakingly positioned to bring my figures to life. The balance between order and chaos of the fractals gives the illusion of movement, and it also represents the fragile nature of life.

My work has always been a fusion of abstract and representational styles but even more so in this new work. In my series called “Heart & Soul” I’m studying the female psyche … the negative and positive thoughts that control her actions. As a woman I’m perplexed by these thoughts and wonder of their origins. Through this series I encourage both men and women to look into their hearts and souls to find the true meaning of their life.

I incorporate my history into these paintings, not only in the thoughts but through the type itself. My mother was a typesetter, and I spent many a time with her at the office sitting at a typesetting machine. I went on to have a career in Graphic Design and Advertising…working with type. So it is that I now embrace my past by using type as a medium.