A Time of Change


Exhibit | May 29 – June 24

Gallery Reception | June 8

Who's Exhibiting This Year?

Thanks & Tributes

Thank You!
Big Thank You to Deborah Kerr and Phoenix and all our crowdfunding backers for your support and commitment to the emerging artists of “DBA 2017: Chrysalis ~ A Time of Change”.

 Tributes In Support of DBA 2017 Chrysalis Exhibit

In memoriam of R. Lewis Hooten 2013 AEI (1947–2016) ~ Deborah Kerr
In memory of artist and friend, Amelia Monroe (DBA 2012) ~ Timothy Leistner
In honor of my husband ~ Alexandra Anne Hrachovsky
To celebrate the colorful life of Matt Bennett, who we lost too soon. ~ Jillian Pickett
In honor of Phoenix SpiritDiva (curator) and Bunny Sheffield (co-curator) ~ Deborah Kerr

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